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Egencia is SLAC's preferred travel agency. Egencia offers Stanford negotiated rates for airfare, lodging, and car rentals.

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If you would prefer to arrange your travel with a live agent, email or call 877-737-2533 (U.S.), 1-417-520-4735 (international).

  • Add your frequent flyer and loyalty numbers and statuses and earn miles and get preferred seating through Egencia.
  • Add your known traveler number (TSA PreCheck) if you have one.

Why book with Egencia?

  • Mobile App available on App Store and Google Play for Egencia On The Go flight alerts. Get started with the Egencia mobile help with the help of our quick start guide.
  • Designated agents, available 24/7, who are trained specifically to assist Stanford/SLAC travelers.
  • Specialized international agents, including an international rate desk.
  • Safety and Security: Egencia provides booked itineraries to Stanford's security provider International SOS (iSOS). This could save time exchanging key information in case of an emergency that requires assistance.
  • Incentives: Stanford Travel offers frequent promotions/giveaways for travelers who book on Egencia. And the more we all use Egencia, the better our negotiated rates will be.

How do I access Egencia?

All SLAC employees have profiles on Egencia and can log in using their SLAC username and password. All other travelers can contact the Travel Office, at to request access.

How can I get trained on using Egencia?

You can view this recorded training video for SLAC travelers and travel arrangers or check out the Egencia Quick Reference Guide.

Can I use Egencia for personal travel?

SLAC travelers are welcome to book personal hotel stays and car rentals on Egencia to take advantage of SLAC and Stanford negotiated rates. Airline flights can only be booked on Egencia for SLAC/Stanford-related business or to add a personal trip to a business trip.

Can I get points towards my loyalty programs when I book on Egencia?

Yes, just add your loyalty account numbers to your Egencia profile and check that the flight you are booking meets the qualifications for the supplier's loyalty program.

Can I book airfare for non-employees?

Travel arrangers can book on behalf of visitors or non-employees using a Guest Account. JP Morgan department card holders have guest accounts set up in Egencia. Please contact if you need a guest account set up in Egencia.

If I'm at the airport and my flight is canceled, what should I do? Call Egencia, stand in line, get online or call the airline?

All of the above. Use all of the resources available to you. Go to the airline service desk to get rebooked on a new flight and call Egencia while you wait in line, they may be able to tell you what availability other airlines have. Go online on Egencia and you may be able to rebook yourself.