How to Book with United Corporate Direct

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United Corporate Direct offers Stanford-negotiated rates for airfare.


How do I access United Corporate Direct? 

This is a multi-step process and is referrenced in our Quick Start Guide. United Corporate Direct travel cannot be booked by phone. Book through or the United Airlines app.

  • Add your COVID-19 vaccination documentation
  • Add your Passport
  • Add your known traveler number (TSA PreCheck) if you have one
  • Manage MileagePlus Account
  • Add SLAC Travel Card (T-Card)


Why book with United Corporate Direct? 

  • Mobile App available onApp Store, Google Play and Amazon for United Airlines MileagePlus members
  • Compliant with the Fly America Act
  • Safety and Security: United Corporate Direct provides booked itineraries to SLAC's security provider International SOS (ISOS). This could save time exchanging key information in case of an emergency that requires assistance.


How can I be trained on using United Corporate Direct?


How can I book 100% leisure travel using United Corporate Direct?

United Corporate Direct has extended up to 10% off of personal flights using the "Break for Business" leisure discount. If you do not travel on behalf of SLAC and haven't enrolled in United Corporate Direct, you can take advantage of the discount by registering at

Once you've logged in to using your MileagePlus number and password, you will select "Personal travel" under your program. This typically defaults to "Business Travel" and must be changed for the leisure discount. We've provided a screenshot below for additional guidance.

screenshot of booking web page with personal travel chosen in drop down menu



How can I contact United Corporate Direct if I need assistance with a reservation?

Booking Channel Phone Support Email Support
United Corporate Direct (UCD);
Book online only 
You must already be enrolled to book on united.comor the United Airlines app
UCD travel cannot be booked by phone. Book  or the United Airlines app 
(For assistance accessing UCD rates. Response to emails will be sent within 24 hours Monday through Friday.)