Mobile Tools

Use these apps to help you plan your trip and organize expense reports for later reimbursement.

Tripit logo

Tripit Pro

Tripit is an itinerary tracking app from Concur. Simply forward travel-related confirmation emails to to create a master itinerary for the trip that can be accessed on any device. The app provides real-time alerts for flight changes and choices for alternative flights. Check out our quick start guide for The Tripit Pro App.



Expenseit Logo

Expenseit Pro

Expenseit pre-fills your expense reports by analyzing your receipts. Simply take a photo of your receipt and Expenseit will take care of the rest. You may also forward digital receipts to Check out our The Expenseit App Setup and The Expenseit Pro App Guides.



Concur Mobile logo

Concur Mobile

Concur Mobile allows you to access and edit expense reports from your phone. Features include adding credit card transactions to your report and capturing receipts using your phone's camera. Check out our The Concur Mobile App.



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Egencia Mobile App

Use the Egencia app to book, view and manage trips on the go. Find Stanford-negotiated rates, get notified of itinerary changes. Check out our guide to their Mobile app: The Egencia Mobile App.