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COVID-19 Travel Guidance


Travel Information

A memorandum was provided by the Department of Energy re-delegating authority for domestic travel on December 6, 2021. The memorandum can be found here: Memorandum For Office of Science Laboratory Directors.

A directive was communicated to the laboratory on March 14, 2020. Per this directive, travel on behalf of SLAC is not being approved unless deemed mission critical. The full directive can be found here: OMB Travel Guidance.


New Approval Process and Mission Essential Travel Justification 

A new approval process has been implemented for mission essential travel.

To request a travel exception for mission essential travel, please complete the Mission Essential Travel Justification Form and upload it to your completed Concur travel request. For Sponsored Guests, please email the Mission Essential Travel Justification Form and a copy of the invitation letter to Travel@SLAC.

Sponsored Guests will need to send proof of vaccination or an exemption (granted by their home institution) via secure email directly to Eric Shupert. In an effort to ensure PII compliance, this should not be managed by Department Travel Admins; the travelers should be emailing the information securely themselves. Travel@SLAC has an established internal process for employee vaccination verification and no additional action is needed by employees.

SLAC routes travel requests for approval once a week every Monday morning at 9 AM.

To ensure your travel request is submitted for the week, please have the Concur Request approved with the completed and signed Mission Essential Justification Form form by end of day Friday.

To view important information regarding travel restrictions and remote working, view the June 19, 2020 SLAC Today Announcement.

Travel Checklist

The following is guidance to ensure travelers are informed of recommended actions to be completed prior to departure:
Travel Checklist.

Virtual Conferences

Due to COVID-19 many conferences are being provided as virtual conferences. Although travel reimbursements may not be required or conference fees may be waived, please follow this guidance when planning virtual conference attendance:
Virtual Conference Clarification.

Submitting a Concur Request for Virtual Conferences

Please submit a Concur travel request for virtual conferences by selecting the “Domestic” or “Foreign” trip type, per DOE guidance Foreign virtual conferences are identified as being hosted, sponsored, or organized by Foreign entities.

Follow the Foreign identified Virtual Conference Approval Process and for more information review the March Travel Newsletter.

COVID-19 Inbound Relocation

Addtional approvals are required for relocation to SLAC prior to costs being incurred. For more information, please reach out to Travel@SLAC.

COVID-19 Travel Approval Matrixes

Click the image below for detailed information about the types of approval needed for different Travel Types based on Vaccination Status.



Please visit Travel's FAQ page and sort on COVID-19 to view our COVID related questions and answers.

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