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Training Descriptions:

  • General Concur Training: An overview of the basics of using Concur for creating travel requests and expense reports, as well as a focus on solutions to common issues users encounter when using Concur. Recommended for both new and seasoned Concur Users.
  • Foreign Travel Training: A detailed look at how Foreign Travel works. With a wide variety of topics including creating foreign requests, required trainings and a breakdown of the Fly America Act, this training is recommended for any traveler wishing to understand the foreign travel process better.
  • Sponsored Guest Training: For Admins only, this training thoroughly goes over Sponsored Guest account creation, expense reports, and other relevant information about the Sponsored Guest process.


Future Training:

If you would like to attend the next formal training session email and we will notify you of future training times.

If you have already attended a training session and have specific questions about using Concur, feel free to email the travel team at, our check out our Concur Quick Start Guides.

For more general information about using Concur, please check out our Concur Quick Start Guides.