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Welcome to Travel @ SLAC! Whether you're going to SLAC, CERN, or anywhere in between, our corporate travel program is here to support your business travel, making it quicker and more efficient to start your request, booking and reimbursement process.


  1. Request a Trip 

Create a pre-trip Travel Request using Concur. Doing so ensures you meet the necessary pre-trip approval for your business trip. Once your request is submitted, it will auto-route for approval to your supervisor and the cost account manager.

  2. Book Your Trip

Book your trip with Egencia. Please ensure your booking complies with the SLAC travel policy and procedures or we will not be able to reimburse you. You must fly on a U.S. flag carrier unless exceptions apply. For centrally paid travel expenses booked on Egencia, please see Travel Credit Card.  

  3. Submit an Expense Report

To get reimbursed, fill out an expense report in Concur, detailing each expense to be reimbursed. Enter your bank information in Concur if you are using it for the first time. You are required to provide a receipt for expenses over $75 or expenses relating to a airfare, hotel, or car rental. 

Please note per SLAC Policy travelers should submit expense reports in Concur within 10 working days after returning from each trip. Expense reports should be submitted within 60 days of the traveler returning from their trip. 



Take note: additional rules may apply

Before booking or traveling, make sure to read the  SLAC Travel Policy and Procedures.

Foreign Travel

For trips outside the United States, check out our Foreign Travel Resources for additional approval steps and regulation details.

Local Travel

For trips within 50 miles of SLAC, check out our Local Travel Reimbursement Guide. Note that Meals & Incidentals expenses and most lodging expenses are not reimbursable; read our Meals and Lodging policies for more information.

Conference Travel

If you are attending a conference, you will need to create a pre-trip Request in Concur. If your conference is within local travel distance and you will be claiming expenses (e.g. mileage, toll or registration fees, etc.) please submit a pre-trip Request in Concur.