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Official Foreign Travel

SLAC Accelerator National Laboratories’ travelers must receive SLAC and/or DOE approval to conduct official international travel prior to departure. If the traveler is not claiming reimbursement from SLAC but will represent data or information pertaining to SLAC, it is considered official foreign travel and approvals are required. This includes travel to Mexico and Canada. The term "official" international travel is defined by DOE as:

"Official" International Travel - Approved travel (whether wholly or partly on official business) meeting any of the following criteria:

  • Travel from the United States, which includes the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands, and the territories and possessions of the United States, to a foreign country (including Canada and Mexico).
  • Travel between international countries, by persons, including foreign nationals, whose salaries or travel expenses or both will ultimately be funded in whole or in part by DOE from its appropriations.
  • International travel funded by non-DOE sources for which the traveler represents SLAC, or the DOE, or conducts business on behalf of the U.S. Government.

For more information visit DOE’s Office of Management Travel Page.


Mandatory Trainings and Sensitive Countries

  • Trips to select countries require additional mandatory training as a prerequisite to the Department of State granting country clearance. Please view our Security Training page for more information.
  • Internal Sensitive Countries and S&T Countries of Risk List (SLAC only)
  • Effective immediately, travel to China and Taiwan must have DOE/HEP/BES funding. Any trips funded by a Chinese host will not be approved. In addition, prior to the travel approval,  the traveler is required to contact the Counter intelligence Officer and arrange a travel briefing.  Once your briefing is scheduled, please notify the travel office who will then continue to process your request. In addition,  the Office of Science requires a post-travel debriefing which can be completed online. This official debriefing should include names of people met during the trip, purpose of the trip, and any outcomes or actions. Please use our briefing form when creating your debriefing report. SLAC Travel Office will then forward the debriefing information to the Office of Science.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the following guidance Foreign Travel Export Control Guide when taking materials outside of the country.
  • SLAC Cyber Security has also provided guidance on mitigating risks on their website -Cyber Security Foreign Travel Guidance (SLAC ONLY)


Conducting Foreign Travel on behalf of SLAC

For detailed information regarding foreign travel please refer to the SLAC Travel Policy.

To stay up to date on the status of travel under COVID-19 please refer to the COVID-19 Travel Guidance Webpage.


Submitting a Travel Request

Submit a foreign travel request in Concur 35 calendar days prior to the date of departure or 45 days if the visit is to a country requiring additonal trainings. Travel @ SLAC will route your request through the Foreign Travel Management System (FTMS). The request will be approved in Concur by Travel @ SLAC once approval and country clearance is obtained from DOE and the Department of State through FTMS and MyServices.


SLAC Staff (includes



NoN CWR-SU/CWR-SPI employees such as Stanford University Faculty, Staff, Students, Postdocs and Fellows


Sponsored Guests/Visitors

1. Supervisor and CAM approved Concur Travel Request with purchased flight itinerary attached (expense cannot be incurred until Supervisor and CAM approval is obtained - Traveler should purchase through the SLAC Booking Channels using the SLAC Travel Card unless exclusions apply)


2. FTMS Approval (obtained by Travel @ SLAC though FTMS)


3. Country Clearance Approval (obtained by Travel @ SLAC through eCC)


4. Travel Office Approval (provided in Concur - travelers cannot incur any non-flight expenses until this is received)


5. CI Briefing (Mandatory Trainings and Sensitive Countries) if applicable


6. Arrange remaining travel (lodging and/or car rentals) through SLAC Booking Channels with SLAC Travel Card unless exclusions apply


7. Follow reporting/testing requirments of destination country


8. Follow COVID-19 Guidance for Return from Travel

1. Department Travel Administrator sends email to Travel@SLAC with a copy of the invitation letter, the purchased flight itinerary (if traveler is departing from the US) and a Foreign Travel Authorization (FTA) Form when applicable


2. FTMS Approval (obtained by Travel @ SLAC though FTMS)


3. Country Clearance Approval (obtained by Travel @ SLAC through eCC)


4. Travel Office Approval (provided in ServiceNow Incident - the traveler cannot incur any non-flight expenses until this is received)


5. CI Briefing (Mandatory Trainings and Sensitive Countries) if applicable


6. Follow reporting/testing requirements of destination country


  • Foreign travel paid by non-SLAC entities or non-DOE funds require foreign request approval in Concur.

  • If you plan on conducting business while on vacation, foreign request approval is required in Concur.  For more information, please refer to the Foreign Travel Policy Memo and FAQ.

  • If your trip includes personal travel, be sure to create a flight comparison for the business dates of your trip. This will be necessary in order to get reimbursed for your airfare in Concur. Also note that personal travel in conjunction with foreign travel may not exceed a two business days to one personal day ratio (2:1). Please refer to the Travel & Expense Policy for more information and our Quick Start Guide on How to Document an Air Fare Comparison.


Fly America Act

The traveler must follow the Fly America Act: Use a U.S. flag carrier to the extent that such service is available - even if this service is not the lowest cost (Note: A U.S. carrier means the ticket has a U.S. carrier's flight number. A code-share agreement does not automatically qualify a flight as a U.S. Carrier. You can read about the exceptions by visiting Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement.


For a visual representation of the Fly America Act please view the following flowchart.


United Corporate Direct is SLAC's recommendation when booking Fly America Act compliant tickets; it is recommended for travelers due to its Stanford negotiated rates and built in International SOS feed. Visit our Booking Channels page for more information on using United Corporate Direct.



Lodging and Car Rental

CERN - Reduced rates and approved hotels

SLAC applies reduced rates for trips to CERN: Lodging at $150; Meals & Incidentals at $75.


The U.S. State Department maintains a list of approved hotels in the CERN area. PDF icon Approved Hotel.pdfHotel lodging outside of the CERN hostel and the approved list may result in the State Department not granting country clearance (eCC) for your trip (i.e. trip disapproved). If you can't get lodging in the SLAC apartments, please book at the CERN hostel or within the approved list.


The traveler is required to purchase rental insurance from the car rental agency when traveling on SLAC business in a foreign country or in Hawaii. The cost of car rental agency insurance while traveling on business in a foreign country or Alaska and Hawaii is reimbursable. The insurance purchased is to cover the following: A. Collision damage waiver B. Loss damage waiver C. Supplemental liability protection. Please refer to the Travel Policy for additional details. 


Making Changes to Approved Travel

Please inform Travel@SLAC when there is any change to your original travel plans as failure to notify may adversely impact your travel reimbursement. Deviations from the approved travel authorization require re-approval by the DOE and U.S. State Department. In particular:


  • Change of travel dates

  • Change and/or addition of country

  • Substitution of the original traveler with a new traveler

  • Addition of one or more countries

  • Addition of classified discussion and/or meetings

  • Addition of personal leave

  • Addition of premium/business/first class airfare

  • Addition of attendance or participation at an international conference

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