The SLAC relocation policy is outlined in the Relocation Assistance Policy (VPN connection is needed to access this internal link). SLAC's Travel Policy is outlined in the Travel and Expense Policy. New hires are expected to abide by both policies as audits are inclusive of both the relocation guidlines as well as the travel guidelines. These policies are to help SLAC employees understand how best to go about their relocation to minimize personal costs and inconvenience. Employee reimbursement is handled through your Concur account. If you are claiming expenses prior to your start date, reimbursement will be handled through a Sponsored Guest account.


Relocation Assistance Policy

  • Please contact HR Employment for relocation policy questions stated in your offer letter.
  • For foreign nationals traveling to SLAC for employment or other reasons, SLAC does not cover the SEVIS fees, visa application fees, or required insurance fee associated with international travel or immigration requirements. As an exception in special cases, the sponsoring directorate may choose to cover these costs out of their unallowable funds. Please contact if you have any further questions.


Travel Policy and Procedures

  • Please contact Travel@SLAC for travel and moving company questions. The Travel Office has a list of recommended moving companies who can directly bill to SLAC. An estimate is required to be submitted and approved by the Travel Office before the move for directly billed moves, please refer to the process flow chart and list of moving companies in the “Recommended Moving Companies” section of this webpage.
  • For one-way relocation travel, you may purchase a roundtrip airfare itinerary if it is cheaper than a one-way airfare. For documentation, please include a printout of the one-way airfare itinerary in the relocation expense report.
  • Please follow all SLAC Travel Guidelines and pay special attention to the Fly America Act when booking airfare. 


Getting Reimbursed

  • Relocation can be a lengthy process, therefore expenses can be submitted in multiple expense reports. It is not necessary to wait for all the relocation expenses to be incurred.
  • Expenses submitted after 60 days from the date of incurrence may be taxable income by the IRS. Please submit your Expense Report as soon as possible.
  • As of 2020, car mileage reimbursement is at 17 cents per mile driven for relocation/moving purposes. If your relocation miles were driven in 2019, please use the "Manual Adjustment" expense type in Concur and calculate at 20 cents per mile.
  • For Airfare, Car Rental, and Lodging resources, see Traveling to SLAC.
  • For creating an expense report, see the Creating an Expense Report Quick Start Guide and the Relocation Quick Start Guide below

Per Diem Rates for Relocation to the SLAC Area for October 2021 - September 2022

Employee $245 $74 ($55.50 on travel day)
First Dependent $122.50 $37 ($27.75 on travel day)
Each Additional Dependent $61.25 $18.50 ($13.87 on travel day)
*M&IE is calculated at 75% on the first and last days of travel


Recommended Moving Companies

SLAC has two direct bill moving companies (listed below). Please contact them directly to get an estimate for your move. Submit the move estimate to for approval prior to the move, in order to have the expenses directly billed to SLAC. Please follow the Moving Company Direct Billing Process Flowchart.

You may choose to use an alternative moving company. If so, expenses will be paid from out-of-pocket and the receipt submitted for reimbursement in Concur.


Ace World Wide (Atlas Van Lines)

Customer Service for Initiation of Service Request

For During move Service Escalations

  • After Hours Support | (877) 223-4748 


Wheaton Moving


Additional Information