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Visiting Guest - you may want to know..

Sponsored Guest in Concur

  • A Sponsored Guest is Concur Travel System’s term used to describe SLAC’s visiting guests or relocating individuals. The host administrator is the Sponsor in the Concur Travel System.
  • Concur’s Sponsored Guest feature allows visitors and individuals relocating to SLAC to have their own Concur account to manage & submit their travel expenses.
  • For information on how to use Concur, please refer to the available Sponsored Guest Quick Start Guides.

Graphic: Workflow Diagram

SLAC Hosts or Administrators

Using Concur for your invited guests

  • Travel reimbursement for a visitor is processed using the Concur Travel System. Your guest may create and submit an expense report or delegate you to create an expense report (your guest must submit).
  • Create a new Sponsored Guest account in Concur if your guest does not already have an existing SLAC account. Please see the guideCreating a Sponsored Guest Account.
  • Returning guests can re-use their existing Sponsored Guest account. A sponsor can reactivate an inactive sponsored guest account. Please email travel@slac.stanford.edu to be added as a new sponsor/delegate to a guest’s existing profile.
  • Send your guest an email that provides links to the relavent travel resources they will need for booking and getting reimbursed in Concur. Feel free to modify our Sample Letter or create your own.
  • If a guest cannot log in and requires a password reset, please send an email to travel@slac.stanford.edu and Travel will provide the traveler with their new password.

Checklist when inviting guests to SLAC

  1. Prepare an invitation letter and have it signed by a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) or a designated approver. Please refer to the list of sample Invitation Letters templates (SLAC Windows Account required).
  2. Send the signed invitation letter to the invited guest. Email a copy to Travel@SLAC.
  3. Make travel arrangements using SLAC Egencia and pay using the JPM Corporate Travel Card. Or your guest may book their own trip and get reimbursed.
  4. Have your foreign guest check in with the International Services Office (ISO) in SUSB (bldg 53, 1062) with his/her passport, I-94 and visa. Reimbursement cannot be made without ISO first verifying the visa of your foreign guest. This step does not apply to a U.S. citizen/permanent resident.
  5. Your guest may create his/her own expense report in Concur. Alternatively, you can create an expense report on your traveler's behalf in Concur, attaching relevant receipts and a copy of the invitation letter.  However, please note that only your guest can click on submit in Concur.
  6. If you’re preparing the expense report, it is recommended that you collect all the meals receipts from your invited guests. In order to claim actual meals (not to exceed per diem), one of the following backup is required to be submitted in Concur:
    1. Comments that break out each day's meals cost, using the actual costs regardless of whether or not they exceed per diem.
    2. An attachment email from the traveler that states what they actually spent on meals (if they have no receipts). Please note that emails where travelers are being asked leading questions are unacceptable as backup.
    3. All actual receipts attached to the expense report.

Please contact Travel @ SLAC if you need systems permission or have questions regarding creating a sponsored guest account in Concur.

Important things to note

  • Guests traveling to a foreign location must submit a Foreign Travel Authorization (FTA)  as done in the former procedure prior to travel (SLAC Windows Account required).
  • Guests attending a conference will need to request attendance and submit the event information by first completing this form, and Travel @ SLAC will email you once approved.
  • SLAC administrators are expected to read and comply with SLAC’s Travel Policy.
  • Guests who are unable to complete thier trip and whose airfare was purchased using SLAC funds through a T-Card should submit a Visitor Unused Ticket Affidavit


Contractors and Vendors

Travel expenses for Vendors who travel on behalf of SLAC through a Purchase Order, should submit their expenses to the company they work for. The company should then invoice SLAC for the travel expenses. Vendor expenses are not reimbursed through Travel @ SLAC.