Traveling to SLAC

Sponsored Guests are invited to SLAC from around the world to speak, collaborate and study. A formal letter of invitation should be provided to the visitor to summarize the terms of the visit. Visitors should be advised that they are expected to adhere to SLAC's Travel and Expense Policy regarding class of flight, lodging costs and meal costs.

SLAC employees (including CWR-SU designated employees) are required to use our SLAC Booking Channels when booking airfare, hotels and car rentals. When a Department Travel Admin wants to arrange travel on behalf of a SLAC employee, they can add them as a traveler to their Egencia profile by following the steps outlined in our How to Add a Traveler (For Arrangers) Quick Start Guide.

Per Diem Rates at SLAC

SLAC follows the same rates as Stanford University (Santa Clara county).

Effective From Current Rates (FY23) PRevious RATES (FY22)

$245 Lodging

$74 Meals and Incidentals (M&IE)

$245 Lodging

$74 Meals and Incidentals (M&IE)

Effective From Current Rates (CY23) Previous Rates (CY22)
01/01/2023 65.5¢ per mile 62.5¢ per mile

Meals & Incidentals

Non-employees are not allowed meal per diems. Expenses for non-employees will be paid based on actual costs (not to exceed the per diem rate) and must be supported by itemized receipts regardless of the amount. In order to be reimbursed, one of the following supporting documents are required to be submitted in the Concur expense report:

  • All actual receipts
  • Comments documented in Concur that itemize out each day's meals cost, using the actual costs regardless of whether or not they exceed per diem
  • An email from the traveler that states the dollar amount they actually spent on meals (if they do not have meal receipts)

Stanford Guest House

Stanford Guest House, nestled in the foothills at SLAC is designed to accommodate guests of SLAC and Stanford University. See the SLAC Site Map.

Other Stanford Area Lodging

If the Stanford Guest House is fully booked, please book lodging that is within the Santa Clara County per diem rate.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Enterprise Direct Bill Reservations are available for authorized Travel Administrators who make reservations for invited guests. These reservations are charged directly to the department's SLAC Travel Card (corporate credit card). Please ask your SLAC point of contact to make a reservation for you in advance.


Airport Parking

Make reservations for airport parking for the duration of your trip.

Stanford University Parking

Purchase parking in advance if you intend on visiting the historical campus. For employees who need to conduct business on campus, charges are generally deducted through payroll and are calculated before-tax deductions.