Traveling to SLAC

If you are planning a trip to SLAC, here are some resources you might find helpful. SLAC employees, you are highly encouraged to use our corporate Egencia booking tool. Invited guests, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your SLAC contact or to Travel @ SLAC.

Per Diem Rates at SLAC

*SLAC follows same rates as Stanford University (Santa Clara county).

Effective from Current Rates (FY20) Previous Rates (FY19)
10/01/19 $241 lodging (except Jan/Feb/Mar 2019 where the rate will be $253), $66 meals and incidentals (M&IE)

$229 lodging, $66 meals and incidentals (M&IE)

01/01/20 57.5¢ personal mileage 58¢ personal mileage



Enterprise Rent-A-Car (discounted SLAC rates for local airport locations)

Stanford/SLAC affiliates have access to special rates with Enterprise for rentals in the Bay Area. 

class daily weekly
Compact $28.00 $168.00
Intermediate $30.00 $180.00
Standard $42.00 $252.00
Full size $45.00 $267.00
Premium $61.49 $386.94
Minivan $81.49 $488.94
Small Sport Utility $79.99 $479.94

Enterprise Direct Bill Reservations are also available for authorized Administrators who make reservations for invited guests. These reservations will be charged directly to SLAC. Please ask your SLAC contact to make the reservation for you in advance.

Stanford Guest House

Stanford Guest House, nestled in the foothills at SLAC is designed to accommodate guests of SLAC and Stanford University. See the SLAC Site Map.

Other Stanford Area Lodging

If the Stanford Guest House is fully booked, please book lodging that is within the Santa Clara County per diem rate.

Airport Parking

Use the link above to make reservations for airport parking for the duration of your trip 

Stanford University Parking

To purchase campus parking in advance using the link below at cheaper rates if you’re planning to go to Stanford for meetings and don’t take the shuttle, any charges are deducted through payroll (not tax deductible).