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Travel Resources & Tips

New to traveling? Come learn about travel basics as well as some handy tips for navigating within the new Concur travel system.



Top Ten Travel Mistakes

Learning about travel reimbursement can be challenging. Here are the top ten travel mistakes you may be making without even knowing it!



Concur Quick Start Guides

Have questions on the new Concur Travel system? Check out these handy guides for quick tips and tricks to get you through even the toughest reimbursements!



Fly America Act

Traveling abroad? Make sure that your airline follows the Fly America Act guidelines, or fill out a FFA Waiver if it meets one of the exceptions.



Emergencies and Insurance

If you get injured or face an emergency while traveling, get in contact with SLAC's emergency help.



Travel Credit Card

To expense SLAC-sponsored travel, travelers must use a SLAC Travel Card (T-card) and the SLAC Travel booking channels when booking airfare, hotels or car rentals.

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