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Before booking or traveling, check out our Resources page for various policies, quick start guides, forms, security requirements, and more. 

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SLAC Travel provides travel expertise and consulting to assist with all of the Lab’s unique business travel requirements. The SLAC Travel corporate travel program is designed to support SLAC travelers, sponsored guests, and new hires relocating to SLAC. 

The program utilizes a suite of best-in-class online tools to ease pre-trip approvals, booking trips, and reimbursing travelers. Among these tools and services are Concur, a request and expense management tool; Egencia, an online booking tool, and travel management company; and SLAC's Travel Card program.


Our mission is to create a collaborative travel program that serves and supports the SLAC Traveler by providing services that focus on safety, compliance, ease of use, and savings. 

Our goal is to provide easy access to our travel providers, to ensure that our travelers are aware of the benefits, tools, and resources available to them, and to support our travelers through exemplary service should they have any inquiries or concerns.